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Boston Stirber
Born in Oklahoma
1 day
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If you ever wonder why know that I am not sure,if you ever wonder if I love you know I always will If you ever wonder about me at all just know that I am your mommy and Im so proud of thatMommy

This Website was created in memory of our lil man Boston Michael Frank Stirber who was born at 11;11pm on 10-24-06, in Lawton, Oklahoma and died at 12;48pm on 10-25-06 in Lawton, Oklahoma. Although he was not with us but for a hour and 37 mins, We bonded with our son for 8 1/2 months I carried him.

We would not trade those precious moments for anything in the world :)

Mommy and Daddy love you my lil man

This poem is for my son Boston:

Be careful when you go baby boy.

Of all the angels.

Stay close to Jesus, and

Try to be a good boy,

On the other side.

Never ever forget that mommy loves you.

May you remember the short time you had with us.

In our thoughts and hearts you will forever live on. Carried with love for nine months.

Having you was a dream come true.

An angel was what you were born to be.

Even thought I wish that was not so.

Losing you will leave me empty inside and out.

From now on my baby boy you will be safe in God's arms Reach out to me whenever you may need me I'll be here And never ever forget who you are.

No your not here with mommy no more, but just

Know that mommy loves you.

I am so proud of my Angel Baby. I love you Boston and Always will No matter what happens

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