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Boston Stirber
Born in Oklahoma
1 day
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Life story
October 24, 2006
Born in Oklahoma Lawton Oklahoma on October 24, 2006.
October 25, 2006
Passed away on October 25, 2006.
October 29, 2006

Boston was a very specail  baby, we tried for a long time to have another baby,

 and then we found our we were expecting we FINALLY got pregnant. when I was about 3 months along the doctor's  feared something was wrong so they had us go to OKC for tests, and they confirmed that he had Anencephaly which is a neural tube defect which his skull did not close completey which meant that he  would not be able to live outside my womb. His daddy and I decided to carry him to term instead of terminating my pregnany which we just couldn't do. He deserved every chance at life no matter what was to come.

The time which I carried him was the best 8 1/2 months of me and my husband's life we bonded with Boston the way we never thought we could. Even in my tummy he made us laugh.cry, and smile all at the same time. He loved water, even the sound of running water made him start to do backflips in my tummy:) He also loved daddy rubbing baby lotion on him, he was such a active baby.I had a planned c section on oct 27th but my stubbon lil boy didn't want us to pick his birthday so my water broke at 9pm on 10-24-06 I told my husband and he was like omg where's my hat? I can't find my hat!! lol I told him FORGET THE HAT IM LEAKING LIKE A WATERFALL HERE. lol he was so nervous. We got to the hospial and at 11:11pm My darling Boston was born via C-section.The first thing my husband asked what color was his eyes? When they said blue Brandon ( my husband) had such a big smile on it like I never seen before until he held our son.Boston was only 3lbs 8ozs but every part of him was perfect, even with his disorder.

They told us he took at breath and was gone he had no heartbeat, My husband handed him to me and my whole world was completed. They then told us there was a heartbeat. He came back for us, our strong lil man he fought for one hour and 37 mins and let me tell you I will never forgot that hour and 37 min it was priceless, that right there was the reason we continued the pregnancy so we could have that, and I was so proud of him. He fit so perfect in my arms, he looked just like his daddy I can never describe that feeling.

Boston was loved by many family and strangers as well, he was the kind of baby you just fell in love with. his smile would make your heart melt. His biggest admirer is his big sister addie she loved him from the beginning, she would play with him while he kicked her from inside me:) those precious moments i will never forget.